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Sacramento Transportation Authority Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee Reimbursement Policy

To explain District policy on travel expenditures

This Policy applies to all personnel and any person being sponsored by the District.

Sacramento Transportation Authority Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee recognizes the necessity for its board members and employees to travel to conduct business, training, or attend meetings. This document is intened to clarify what is the District's responsibility and to provide guidelines to its employees and board members.

  1. The manager of that particular program shall pre-approve any traveling or expense related to traveling whenever possible.
  2. Under normal conditions those expenses should be budgeted in that program.
  3. For non-budgeted travel the Executive Director or his/her designee shall have the authority to approve or deny any request made.
  4. Request should include cost of transportation, hotel, meals, vehicle rental, parking and incidentals.
  5. If there are any questions about what is covered make sure to ask and get approval prior to incurring the expense.
  6. Reimbursement for traveling by personal vehicle will be at the standard IRS mileage rate.