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Joyce Renison CPA

Position: Ex-Officio Member 
Term: No term limitation
Appointing Authority: County of Sacramento Auditor-Controller Designee

 Joyce Renison, CPA is the Deputy Finance Director for the County of Sacramento (County) and serves as the Auditor Controller’s designee in an ex-officio capacity on the ITOC. Before working in her current position, she was the Assistant Auditor-Controller for the County. Ms. Renison has over 30 years’ experience in accounting, business, and taxation in the private and public sectors. She is skilled in financial reporting and coordinating internal and external audits. Ms. Renison applies accounting and auditing fundamentals to “real life” situations with her solutions-based problem-solving abilities. Her experience includes an advisory board position with the Western Placer Consolidated Transportation Service Agency (CTSA).


Ms. Renison is a graduate of Golden Gate University holding a Master’s Degree in Taxation and California State University Sacramento with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy.


Ms. Renison’s appointment has no term limitations.