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Joan Borucki 

Commitee Chair and Voting Member

Ms. Borucki has an extensive background in developing solutions to issues involving California political, legislative and executive branch policies and processes.  Borucki has a wide-range of experience in recommending and implementing organizational/business process changes in infrastructure including water, energy, transportation, housing, asset management, building standards, telecom, planning, finance and research.  She has an extensive background working with state, federal and local political leaders to implement significant legislative and regulatory changes.

Ms. Borucki is the former director of the California State Lottery, chairwoman of the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, director of the California Department of Motor Vehicles, chief deputy director of the California Transportation Commission, and was a team leader for the California Performance Review.  Ms. Borucki served for over 20 years at the California Department of Transportation managing programs including: planning; budgets; new technology and legislative outreach.  She was responsible for executing the first federal revenue anticipation notes (Garvees) for transportation in California.

While at the California Lottery, Ms. Borucki, cut through the red tape and managed the construction of a GOLD/LEED standard building using an Integrated Project Design process, helping to reinvigorate a neglected business area of Sacramento.

Borucki has a Master of City and Regional Planning, and a BA in Urban Planning & Political Science from Rutgers University.

Joan works with large and small companies providing business development advice and guidance for accessing senior leadership in specific state agencies, major programs and local governments.

Ms. Borucki is currently serving a second four-year term that ends December 2022.